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Catering Menu


Fajita Fiesta

A complete fajita dinner. Choose from chicken, beef or a combination (¬Ĺ lb. per person). Includes refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeno relish, flour tortillas, chips and salsa.
15-20 people: $12.95 per person 21-30 people: $11.95 per person

Southwestern Shrimp

Jumbo shrimp stuffed with cheese and chilis, wrapped with bacon, breaded and fried crisp. Served on a bed of mexican rice and covered with chili con queso.
$26.00 per dozen

Arroz Con Pollo

Tender pieces of grilled chicken breast covering mexican rice. Topped with chili con queso, diced green onions, tomatoes and jalapenos.
Half tray: $45.00 (serves 8-10)


Jumbo Beef  Tamales

Smothered with chipolte cream sauce and chili con queso.
$37.00 per dozen



Fried flour tortilla filled with your choice of shredded beef or shredded chicken.
$29.00 per dozen



Your choice of cheese topped with chili con carne. Shredded beef topped with ranchera sauce. Chicken topped with sour cream wine sauce. Cheese topped with enchilada sauce.
$24.00 per dozen


Your choice of grilled steak or grilled chicken on a 12″ wheat tortilla (does not include sour cream, guacamole, or jalapenos).
$7.50 each with a minimum of 5 per order


Side Items

Mexican rice: $8.75 qt. serves 6

Refried beans: $7.50 qt. serves 6

Charro beans: $9.50 qt. serves 6

Guacamole dip: $16.99 qt. serves 10

Pico de gallo: $9.00 qt.

Jalapeno relish: $10.99 qt.

Sour cream: $8.99 qt.

Shredded cheddar cheese: $5.45 lb.

Red salsa: $10.50 qt.

Corn chips: $2.50 lb.

Flour or wheat chips: $2.95 lb.

Tortillas: $2.45 dz.

Sopapillas with honey: $3.95 dz.

Cheese cake: topped with strawberry or plain. $27.00 dz.